Meat Smoker - Frequently Asked Questions

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Which meat smoker shall I choose? Który model wędzarni wybrać?

Koniecznie obejrzyj video, w którym porównujemy wybrane modele wędzarni Borniak. W ciagu 15 minut zdobędziesz wiedzę niezbędną do podjęcia decyzji, która wędzarka będzie najlepsza dla Ciebie

How does the meat smoker work? How much does it cost?

The entire smoke generation process is reduced to the push of a button. Thanks to the smoke generator designed by Borniak Smokers.
The combustion takes place automatically – the wood from the chip container is directed to the burner and gradually chars.
One should remember to fill the wood chips container with the chips once every 8 hours approx.

The smoker is also equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature in the smokehouse. You will need to set the temperature on the digital controller and job done.

How to cold smoke - how to hold the temperature?

The smoke generator is part of the smoke oven and has a burner of 110 watts, which can heat the device up to 60 degrees C. The attachment ZW-01 allows the temperature to be reduced to the conditions for cold smoking and as a result we achieve a temperature in the smokehouse that is 1-2oC higher than the outside temperature.

The attachment is mounted on the smoke generator and connected to the smoke chamber with a spiral duct. The length of the pipe that guides the smoke should be in the range of 1.2-2m.

Up to which outside temperature the temperature inside the smoker remains constant?

The proper operation of the smoker is guaranteed even if the outside temperature is below 0 ° C. The temperature constancy is influenced by several factors, e.g. amount of smoke, wind and outside temperature.
The proper insulation of the smoker helps to keep warmth inside. The digital controller manages the smoking temperature and makes it stable even if it’s cold outside.

How long do the wood chips last?

Once you fill the wood chips container to the full, it will take up to 8 hours of smoking
Clean chips size 3-40 mm are recommended for the smoker to ensure proper operation. The smoking flour is not suitable for our smoke generator.

How many Watts do your meat smokers use?

All our devices are supplied with the mains voltage of 230V. The maximum power consumption for the smoking oven UW-70, UWD-70, UWDS-70 is 615 Watt.
For the UW-150, UWD-150, UWDS-150 is 1515 Watts
BBD-70, BBDS-70 is 1115 Watt,
BBD-150, BBDS-150 is 2115 Watt.

Are the meat smokers waterproof?

The electrical system is not waterproof. You should store the smoker in a shed and while smoking it should be located outdoor

Do you sell bigger smokehouses?

We specialise in smoking ovens for domestic use, which is why we do not manufacture larger models. The largest model we do at the moment has a 150 litres smoking chamber capacit and you can smoke up to 20 kg of meats at once.

We specialise in smoking ovens for domestic use, which is why we do not manufacture larger models.

Model UW-150 fits over 20kg of meat, approx. 16 kg sausage, approx. 20 pieces of fish. Model UW-70 fits up to 10kg meat, up to 8kg sausage, approx. 10 pieces of fish

What's the highest temperature you can get in the electric smoker?

The highest temperature in the smoking oven is 150 degrees C. This temperature does not cause any damage to the sheet metal (sheet distortion).

How should I use fish hooks?

Each fish hook is inserted into the fish so that the hanger goes through the mouth opening of the fish. Depending on the hook, the ends of the hooks are inserted from both sides of the spine, turned around the spine or inserted into the spine.

Can I use a meat smoker indoor?

The smoker is intended for outdoor use. It can not be connected directly to a chimney or smoke exhaust. The forced draft can cause the chips to ignite.

Can I smoke fish and meat in the same smokehouse?

Yes, you can smoke fish, cheese and sausage in the same smokehouse. You only have to separate the individual types of smoked goods. Smoke fish first and than smoke ham or sausages.

Which wood chips can I use in your meat smoker?

The GD-01 smoke generator is designed for 3×3 mm chips only. You can’t use powdered wood chips.

Can I mix different types of wood chips?

You can mix different types of chips. This will produce individual smoked products with a unique taste and aroma.

Juniper can be added directly to the burner of the smoke generator. Ideally at the beginning of the smoking process, before the temperature rises, so that the smoke can freely penetrate the meat.

How does the dryer work?

Everything that is smoked has to be dried first, then the smoke components penetrate into the meat and the surface of the smoking material gets a nice golden colour.

The dryer accelerates the drying process after the meat products have been removed from the marinade. Instead of allowing the meat products to dry 24 hours (in a cold, well-ventilated room), we can accelerate this process to 3-4 hours using the dryer.

The dryer is installed instead of the smoke generator. The temperature on the thermostat is set to 30 degrees C and the chimney should be fully opened to maximise the airflow.

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