Electric Smokers for catering, Pubs, Resteurants

Grow your business and increase your profits by preparing delicious smoked meats, cold cuts, BBQ dishes

This is something every customer wants. They want great tasting, smoky flavours. Fill your store with hungry customers and give them what they're asking for: fresh, tasty, home-smoked beef, ham or turkey and cold meats on demand. Transform your pub, resteurant today by smoking your own products and become a market leader in smoked food. Customers will come back time after time because of the amazing smoky flavour.
Here is a business idea for you. Why don't you buy an electric food smoker that will allow you to produce fantastic flavour smoked foods in your business? Customers will love it. That's why Borniak Smokers are more popular than ever among pubs, resteurants owners. They are professional equipment that is easy to operate. 

Let me introduce you to our digital electric food smokers. We proudly present our Borniak Smokers for Catering Business, Pubs or restaurants. They are equipped with an automatic smoke generator, very easy to use, and also digital temperature control, which makes them perfect for preparing homemade food, such as sausages, cheese, fish and typical barbecue food - pulled pork, brisket or ribs


Electric Smokers for catering

The capacity of the electric smoker is 150 litres. You can smoke up to 20kg of meats, sausages, cheese at one go. There are 7 shelves to be used. The Digital Series smokers have an electronic control panel that perfectly maintains the set temperature inside the smoking chamber. The 150L chamber will meet the requirements of people with a higher demand for smoked meats. 

The whole smoking process is automatic, so you can sit and relax, while the smoker does the job, controls the temperature and smoke.  The temperature is controlled by a digital control panel, which has been especially designed for Borniak Smokers. The digital unit has an advanced "fuzzy logic" algorithm. 

Fuzzy logic is an approach to computing based on "degrees of truth" rather than the usual "true or false" (1 or 0) Boolean logic on which the modern computer is based. 

The smoker is equipped with a high tech temperature sensor PT1000, very accurate. Our digital controller doesn't need any calibration from the user, it adjust the temperature automatically. We call the digital controller SIMPLE, because it's really simple to be used by the user. You just set the temperature using the knob and press the knob to confirm your choice. That's it. The rest is done by the controller and temperature algorithm.

The casing is manufactured from stainless steel sheets, resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. The inside has been made with materials approved for food contact (stainless steel inside). Polyurethane foam provides the smoker with proper insulation, at the same time being a guarantee of the right smoking temperature. The temperature is regulated by a 1515W heater, which is monitored by a digital thermostat.

The smoker is fitted with a tight door, an air damp regulating the flow of the air, and an ashtray. The soul of the machine is obviously the smoke generator - the guarantee of successful smoking. The smoke generator is very efficient and uses only 2 litres of wood chips for 8 hours of constant smoking.

Wood chips that travel through spiral are not burned with a flame but by appropriate temperature, which allows extracting smoke from them – this ensures that food will not be blackened.

In this smoker you can prepare BBQ Chicken, pulled pork, brisket, bacon. The Borniak Smoker BBDS-150 model is equipped with a strong heater and it can heat up to 150 Celsius. 

You can smoke indoors only if you position the smoker under the exhaust hood.  There is no live fire inside the smoker, the wood chips are burned with an electric heater and no ignition is required. 

Here's an image showing the internal height of Borniak BBDS-150. It's 28 inches high and you can use up to 7 shelves to smoke meats. You can hang sausages on bars or put them flat on mesh shelves.

Borniak Electric Smoker Internal Height
Free woodchips, hooks included with your Borniak Smoker

With every smoker, you get a starter pack, which includes: 

You can start smoking straight after unpacking the smoker.

We offer 2 years guarantee. Service parts are in stock in the UK. 

Customers will be screaming in to enjoy their favourite foods for lunch, dinner and more. This means more sales and a healthier bottom line for you! If you are not convinced, get in touch with us or check our great prices on Borniak digital smokers. Smoke your own products in pub or resteurant today and become a market leader in smoked specialities. What's more important, customer will come back to buy from you over and over again because of amazing smoky flavour. 

Contact us today to find out more about digital electric smokers - they are professional smoke equipment that is easy to operate. 

We offer FREE delivery in the UK Mainland. Order now online and get delivery in the next 3 working days. Our distribution warehouse is located in Poole, BH12 4NG. 

Professional meat-smoking Equipment for catering business

Borniak Electric Smoker Review Title

testing smoker model Borniak BBDS-150

We also stock accessories for professional or home food smoking


Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £5.99.


Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £5.99.