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Recipe | Smoked Octopus INGREDIENT frozen octopus – whole 10 balls of allspice …

📋 Recipe | Smoked Octopus🐙

frozen octopus – whole
10 balls of allspice
15 grains of black pepper
a flat spoon of non-iodized salt
3 – 5 bay leaves


Fill a large pot with water and add all the balls and leaves. Add salt crystals and wait for the water to boil.

Octopus is best purchased already frozen, saving the time necessary to soften it. We wash the octopus under running water and get rid of unnecessary elements (i.e. eyeballs, entrails, if any, and the spike tooth, which can be found in the center of the octopus). Once the water boils, it’s time to drive the scarecrow to the tentacled creature! We put it in boiling water for a while 3-4 times.

According to the local rumor, it prevents the skin from falling off. After hardening, simmer for about half an hour.

Set the smokehouse to 30°C and connect the fan – dry for about 1 hour after the device reaches the temperature. Then smoke for 2 hours at 50°C with the smoke generator connected. Finally 15 minutes at 80°C to get a nice color. The octopus darkened to a plum color. We have to admit that it is a difficult subject to photograph, but so delicious to eat!

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